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Get the most from your transit pass by going car free!

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Go Care Free Course™

This eLearning module will help you maximize the benefits of your GoPass or U-Pass.

You’ll learn how to commute to school car free, and how going car free or car lite is empowering, liberating, rewarding, and fun.

Get ready to save money, breathe easier, and get more mileage out of life.

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Based on the bestselling book by Chris Balish

Amazon.com best seller
5 Star Amazon Seller
How to live well without owning a car book cover

More Money. More Freedom.

Less Stress. Better Health.

Driving a car is costly — to the environment, to your health, to your peace of mind, and to your finances. When you don’t drive you’ll experience a wide range of benefits.

  More money

  More freedom 

  Fewer hassles

  Lower stress

  Less aggravation

  Less to worry about

  Better health 

  More exercise

  Lose weight

  Better sleep

20,000 people have used the strategies in this course to save more than $100 million and prevent 210,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

This information changed my life, no exaggeration. After reading all the success stories from car free people and the benefits they’re getting, I was convinced. I made the decision to give it a try and get rid of my SUV. That was six years ago. I can honestly say ditching my SUV was the smartest financial move I’ve made. I highly recommend reading Part One of this course. If it resonates with you, give the rest of the lessons serious consideration.

Chad Niece

Car Free in Koreatown

I started researching car free information online and there was very little — a few articles here and there, but no how-to, step-by-step advice. Then I discovered Chris Balish and his car free strategies. His approach made sense to me. When the lease was up on my Jetta I turned it back in. That was ten years ago. Now I have more than $100,000 in the bank!

Jennifer Cleveland

Car Free in Los Angeles

The lifestyle benefits of living car free are great. I know that if I had a car I would not be in as good of shape. Emotionally, biking is a cure for the blues and for stress. It’s also a boost for the ego to zip by cars stuck in rush hour traffic.The financial benefits of living car free are wonderful. I do not have to pay car payments, insurance, parking, tickets, towing fees, city stickers, or major repairs. I can’t imagine how much money I’ve saved by not owning a car.

Jennifer McCardie

Car Free in Culver City

Commute Care Free and Live Your Values.

Driving a gasoline powered car, truck or SUV is the largest source of pollution that most people create daily. 

And the number one reason people drive is to commute to work or school. 

If we can reduce this one source of greenhouse gas we can solve the climate crisis.

Course Instructor

Course instructor Chris Balish has lived car free in Los Angeles since 2006.

The course instructor literally wrote the book on living car free.

CHRIS BALISH has lived car free in Los Angeles, California since 2006, and in St. Louis, Missouri from 2003 to 2006. He has inspired and coached thousands of people to commute car free, and live car free or car lite so they can save money, improve their health, reduce stress, and help save the planet.

Chris wrote the bestselling book How to Live Well without Owning a Car: Save Money, Breathe Easier, and Get More Mileage out of Life (Random House, 2006), and he is one of the leaders of the global car free movement. Watch Chris speak at Sony Studios Rideshare kickoff event.

Chris has promoted car free and car lite lifestyles in appearances on more than 800 radio and TV stations around the world, and in more than 150 magazines, newspapers, and websites including Discovery Networks, Newsweek, Sierra, ABC News, NBC News, National Public Radio’s Morning Edition, Sirius Satellite Radio, Forbes, The New York Times, The Washington Post, AARP, and many more.

He lives car free in Santa Monica, in Los Angeles County, with his wife and three young daughters.

Chris Balish on a bike with daughter in a child seat

“Chris Balish’s book can help environmentally conscious Americans live their values. If you’re concerned about pollution and global warming, follow the program in these pages. There can be life without a car. And a good life at that!”

Ed Begley, Jr.

Actor and environmental activist 

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